Export Management

An export management company is a firm that facilitates the distribution of other firm’s goods to overseas markets. Typically, these firms export goods on behalf of several other companies. An EMC is an independent firm that, in effect, acts as the exclusive export sales department for non-competing manufacturers. IPS functions in various ways; either on a commission (as an agent), […]Read more »

R&D Offshore Manufacturing

IPS has a successful history of offshoring manufacturing of various products in the building industry with excellent success. The main role of the R&D department is to help a company or organization to maintain its competitiveness. This means keeping an eye on developing trends, and on what the competition is doing. R&D is therefore also about analysis and a sound […]Read more »


Procurement, as a function, is an inevitable aspect of all business organizations. To operate and aid the expansion and optimization of performance, businesses obtain various goods and services from external suppliers. If organizations aim to harness the power of globalization, they need to work with the best procurement specialist in their field at the best possible price. Procurement is the […]Read more »